In the Dissemination section, what was News during our project lifetime (May 2010 - April 2014) is now a great store of easy-to-read, highly illustrated presentations of our work, our people, our advances and our results.

November 2014  - Pragmatic project outcomes and conclusions, results from our Specialist Perceptions Survey, and a call for abstracts are found in our Final NanoFATE Newsletter (n°6)!

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View our LIBRARY section as well, to access detailed Advice Notes, Conference Posters and deliverable Report Summaries. Our ISI papers are linked there too.

Download a feature article about NanoFATE, our methods, results and future aims (published by International Innovation Magazine, September 2013).

Our Newsletter n° 5 dated Winter 2013-14 covers our advances in addressing big questions that are outstanding today to nano researchers and regulators. Newsletter n° 4 is intended to be read by interested laypersons and family members; it recounts our reckless ride over rough terrain!