Nanofate Reports

Many of our public deliverables have been published directly in peer-reviewed journals (see our ISI papers). We provide summaries of these deliverables below. Please use "right click" to request that these pdf's open in a new tab or window.
The numbering reflects the work package that produced each deliverable. Contact information for the authors is included in each file.

Particle Chemistry and Fate

PDF icon Deliverable 2.1 Summary-Issues for Fate Models

PDF icon Deliverable 2.3 Summary-Influx estimates for ZnO and Ag ENPs: Assessment of per capita influent discharge to STWs of nano ZnO and Ag

PDF icon Deliverable 2.5 Summary-Research Report on Per Capita Effluent Discharge for Nano ZnO and Ag

PDF icon Deliverable 2.6 Summary-Research Report on Important Parameters for Soil and Water PEC Estimation: for Use in WP6 for the Assessment of Maximum Soil and Water Concentrations of nano ZnO, Ag and CeO2 and their Distribution

PDF icon Deliverable 2.7 Research report on ZnO and Ag ENP fate in STW: Measurement of nano ZnO and Ag partitioning and removal during primary and secondary sewage treatment stages.

Ecotoxicology and Bioavailability

PDF icon Deliverable 3.1 Summary-Standard Procedures Ecotox Testing

PDF icon Deliverable 3.2 Summary-Report on Chronic ENP ecotoxicity: Comparative assessment of the ecotoxicology of pure ENPs in relation to test organisms and biological endpoints

PDF icon Deliverable 3.5 Report on application of mixture toxicity models of combined stressors

PDF icon Deliverable 4.1 Summary-ENP BioavailabilityNanoFATE 

PDF icon Deliverable 4.3 Summary-Research Report and Associated Research Paper Addressing the Current State-of-the-art in the Analysis of ENP Property Effects on Toxicity Property-effect Relationships

PDF icon Deliverable 4.4 Research manuscripts focussing on the interplay between soil and water chemistry with ENP properties and resulting effects on ENP physical presentation, bioavailability and toxicity

PDF icon Deliverable 5.5 Research manuscripts on the toxicokinetics of ENP; addressing uptake into biological tissues of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.

Risk Assessment and Communication

PDF icon Deliverable 6.1 Summary-Report on perceived current and future use of silver, ceriumoxide and zincoxide Nanoparticles

PDF icon Deliverable 6.2 Summary-Report on predicted soil contamination levels; based on aerial or sludge deposition for each of the ENPs using the multi-media model

PDF icon Deliverable 6.3 Summary-Maps of Mean and Worst Case PEC for Catchments

PDF icon Deliverable 6.4 Summary-Report on Phylogenetic and trait based analysis of effects across species and the range of ENPs used including discussion on applicability of the SSD approach

PDF icon Deliverable 6.5 Summary-Briefing Note Detailing Approach for Generation of SSD Distributions; Includes CeO2, ZnO and Ag in Dissolved Metal Ions and ENP Forms

PDF icon Deliverable 6.6 Summary-Maps of the Regional Risk Assessment of Selected ENPs; Including Representation of PECs and Exceedances of Threshold Effect Values for a Range of Endpoints (PNECs for Taxa or Sub-groups, Biomarker Endpoints) Under Different Usage Scenarios

PDF icon Deliverable 6.7 Report on ENP risk assessment in the different usage scenarios; this will include gap analysis, critical appraisal of available hazard and exposure assessment methodologies and the identification of vulnerable species and environmental compartments