Meeting Reports

This page provides meeting and travel reports from our consortia members, highlighting the key discussions and conclusions made from the meeting. 

Testing and Assessment Workshop (Paris, December 2013)

NanoFATE's David Spurgeon (NERC-CEH) attended this OECD WPMN expert workshop on agreement with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra, U.K.).
Dr. Spurgeon's short PDF icon Travel Report identifies the key topics that were under consideration.

EU 2nd Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials - Workshop (Brussels, January 2013)

An EU workshop was organised in Brussels in January 2013,  following the Communication on the EU 2nd Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials in October 2012. While NanoFATE did not input directly to the Review, Nina Schneider (SYMLOG) attended the discussion workshop and provided a PDF icon Travel Report which handily summarises the issues and the proceedings. Consult this to get a good idea of stakeholders' 2013 positions on defining and assuring the safety of nanomaterials.