The NanoFATE Newsletters inform stakeholders,
scientific communities and the interested public
about the aims and progress of the project, as well as the plans laid for subsequent work.

PDF icon Newsletter n°6 (November 2014) summarizes the achievements of NanoFATE over the four years of the project. It outlines main conclusions and includes some impressive metrics demonstrating project impact on our understanding on the fate and toxicity of nanoparticles in the environment. We also focus on the new experts whom we  trained to answer current and future regulatory and fundamental nanoscience questions. Find results of our European survey of specialist perceptions of nanotechnologies as well!

PDF icon Newsletter n°5 (Winter 2013-14)shows how NanoFATE is providing answers to Five Big Questions current today in ecotoxicological risk assessment for engineered nanoparticles.

PDF icon Newsletter n°4 (Autumn 2012)lets you follow our scientists on their rough ride across new terrain and learn how they are dealing with a seeming "Mission Impossible".

PDF icon Newsletter n°3 (Winter 2011-12) gives summaries of our mid-point progress on our primary objectives, along with scientific updates and highlights from the RTD Work Package leaders.

PDF icon Newsletter n°2 (Summer 2011) presents our young scientists and their supervisors. Learn about 1st project progress and reports after one year of work.

PDF icon Newsletter n°1 (December 2010) provides an overview of project goals and lead personnel.