NanoFATE (2010-2014) was a large scale collaborative EU-funded project gathering 12 partners in 9 European countries. We investigated the fate and effects of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) in the environment. NanoFATE specifically examined post-production life cycles of key nanoparticles, from their entry into the environmental as ‘used products’, through the full range of waste treatment processes to their final fates (destinations in the environment or in organisms) and potential toxic effects.

Project Coordinator
Dr Claus Svendsen - NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology at Wallingford, UK.




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NanoFATE project closed at end of March 2014. Read our sixth and final Newsletter dated November 2014, including a roundup of NanoFATE's pragmatic conclusions, a proposal for a SETAC Barcelona special session and Results from our Specialists Perceptions Survey.

Newsletter 5 shows how NanoFATE replied to FIVE BIG QUESTIONS, while Newsletter 4 is suitable for explaining nano environmental fate and toxicity to your interested grandma!

Visit our Stakeholders pages, and in the Library, consult our Advice Notes and ISI papers including a spotlight paper on pan-European risk maps for nanoparticles in freshwaters.

Our Impact page details concrete project outcomes. Learn about the service offers from our consortium members.